Bower vs. npm

As you progress with frontend development, you will start using other tools besides your editor. Most of the tooling around Javascript runs on node.js, node comes with npm a dependency manager. But then, there is bower, both are dependency managers but with very different purposes.

On one hand npm was created to install modules used in a node.js environment, or development tools built using node.js such Karma, lint, minifiers and so on. npm can install modules locally in a project ( by default in node_modules ) or globally to be used by multiple projects. In large projects the way to specify dependencies is by creating a file called package.json which contains a list of dependencies. That list is recognized by npm when you run npm install, which then downloads and installs them for you.

On the other hand bower was created to manage your frontend dependencies. Libraries like jQuery, AngularJS, underscore, etc. Similar to npm it has a file in which you can specify a list of dependencies called bower.json. In this case your frontend dependencies are installed by running bower install which by default installs them in a folder called bower_components.

As you can see, although they perform a similar task they are targeted to a very different set of libraries. I hope that this article clarifies the confusion between them.

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