Ordering a set of results +/- more option, iterating over an object

After a brief vacation, we come back with more. Here is a new tip while we polish the next part of our workshop. We have previously shown how to order a set of results iterating over an array. This time we do it over an Object.

In the following example, we take advantage of more angular magic. To each string representing the search criteria we will add a ‘+’ or a ‘-‘ to indicate the reverse or not direction of our set order. As we get more advanced on our order criteria, we moved from a simple string to an object holding the key value map. Example: {‘+name’: ‘Name: A-Z’,’-name’: ‘Name: Z-A’}

    <h3>Order By:</h3>
    <select data-ng-model='selectedSortOrder2'
        data-ng-options="k as v for (k,v) in {'+name': 'Name: A-Z','-name': 'Name: Z-A', '+lastName': 'Last Name: A-Z', '-lastName': 'Last Name: Z-A ', '+age': 'Age: Young to Experienced', '-age': 'Age: Experienced to Young' }"

    <h3>List of results:</h3>
    <div ng-repeat="person in results | orderBy:selectedSortOrder2">

Note: In order to iterate over this object, Angular provides us with a dsl expression we can use in the ng-options. In this case it will be ‘k as v for (k,v) in optionsSet’. There are other available expressions:

  • label for (key , value) in object
  • select as label for (key , value) in object
  • label group by group for (key, value) in object
  • select as label group by group for (key, value) in object

For more information go to the AngularJS “select” documentation


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