AngularJS - 1.2.10 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. 1.2.10. AngularJS 1.2.10 augmented-serendipity has been released. See what has changed.

From Matias’s words:

“This is a fairly small release which contains a few small fixes to inputs, parsing & routing as well as a large amount of documentation-related fixes. It also contains a new feature for ngAnimate which provides support to allow for other directives to detect when an animation has ended using the close callback (finally!).

1.2.10 augmented-serendipity (2014-01-24) Summary

Bug Fixes

  • $parse: do not use locals to resolve object properties (f09b6aa5, #5838, #5862)
  • a: don’t call preventDefault on click when a SVGAElement has an xlink:href attribute (e0209169, #5896, #5897)
  • input: use Chromium’s email validation regexp (79e519fe, #5899, #5924)
  • ngRoute: pipe preceding route param no longer masks ? or * operator (fd6bac7d, #5920)


For details, please visit the official changelog

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