Protractor - 0.17 is out

Latest Protractor version is out. 0.17.0 See what has changed in this rapidly growing automation testing framework.


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (cc4f7b5), (8348803) feat(element): allow chaining of element finders with element().element()…

    Chaining calls to element will now build a scoped element finder. No webdriver functions will be called until a method (such as getText) is called on the final element. Example:

    var elem = element('outer')).element(by.css('inner'));    browser.get('myPage');;

    Closes #340.

  • (088a581) feat(runner): add a callback for when the tests are done

    Add an onCleanUp callback to be able to hook into when all the tests have been run.

    Conflicts: referenceConf.js

  • (66c4774) feat(runner): add mocha options to config file

    change lib/runner to allow setting mocha options from config.

  • (092fe1f), (3151ca7) feat(locators): Add map() function to element.all

    Added a map function to element.all to apply a function to each element and return the result of the transformation.

    Resolve promises if there is an object that contains multiple promises. Added index as a second argument to the map function callback.

    Closes #392

  • (7259614), (0257b5f) feat(config): allow CoffeeScript configuration files

    Require CoffeeScript in the cli file to enable CS configuration and spec files.

    Possibly fixes #38

  • (e7d9e08) feat(global): export By (== by) on the global for use with coffeescript (or others who prefer it)

Bug Fixes

  • (a0bd84b) fix(pageload): add a wait during protractor.get() to solve unload issues

    Some systems would not wait for the browser unload event to finish before beginning the asynchronous script execution.

    Closes #406. Closes #85.

  • (4b053eb) fix(runner): only run selenium with spec files

    Only setup Selenium if there are actual spec files passed in

  • (8e096b9) fix(Protractor.prototype.get): resolve baseUrl before ignoring synchronization

    Fixes issues where setting ignoreSynchronization = true ignores the value of baseUrl entirely.

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