AngularJS - 1.2.13 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. 1.2.13. 1.2.13 romantic-transclusion has been released. Highlights: If you re doing animations you might want to take a look into the code changes involved to keep things running smooothly.

Bug Fixes


  • filterFilter: support deeply nested predicate objects (b4eed8ad, #6215)

Breaking Changes

  • $animate:
    • due to 4f84f6b3, ngClass and will now call the setClass animation callback instead of addClass / removeClass when both a addClass/removeClass operation is being executed on the element during the animation.

      Please include the setClass animation callback as well as addClass and removeClass within your JS animations to work with ngClass and directives.

    • due to cf5e463a, Both the $animate:before and $animate:after DOM events must be now registered prior to the $animate operation taking place. The $animate:close event can be registered anytime afterwards.

      DOM callbacks used to fired for each and every animation operation that occurs within the $animate service provided in the ngAnimate module. This may end up slowing down an application if 100s of elements are being inserted into the page. Therefore after this change callbacks are only fired if registered on the element being animated.

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