AngularJS - 1.2.12 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. 1.2.12. 1.2.12 cauliflower-eradication has been released. Highlights: Your animation’s unit tests would need a small update. IE8 gets some support love. Try/Catch for $q.reject. See what has changed.

Bug Fixes

  • $compile: retain CSS classes added in cloneAttachFn on asynchronous directives (5ed721b9, #5439, #5617)
  • $http:
  • $locale: minor grammar amends for the locale locale_lt (95be253f, #6164)
  • $q: make $q.reject support finally and catch (074b0675, #6048, #6076)
  • docs: clarify doc for “args” in $broadcast and $emit (caed2dfe, #6047)
  • filterFilter: don’t interpret dots in predicate object fields as paths (339a1658, #6005, #6009)
  • http: make jshint happy (6609e3da)
  • jqLite: trim HTML string in jqLite constructor (36d37c0e, #6053)
  • mocks:
    • rename mock.animate to ngAnimateMock and ensure it contains all test helper code for ngAnimate (4224cd51, #5822, #5917)
    • remove usage of $animate.flushNext in favour of queing (906fdad0)
    • always call functions injected with inject with this set to the current spec (3bf43903, #6102)
    • refactor currentSpec to work w/ Jasmine 2 (95f0bf9b, #5662)
  • ngMock: return false from mock $interval.cancel() when no argument is supplied (dd24c783, #6103)
  • ngResource:
    • don’t filter “$”-prefixed properties from ngResource requests/responses (d2e4e499, #5666, #6080, #6033)
    • don’t append number to ‘$’ in url param value when encoding URI (ce1f1f97, #6003, #6004)

Breaking Changes

The animation mock module has been renamed from mock.animate to ngAnimateMock. In addition to the rename, animations will not block within test code even when ngAnimateMock is used. However, all function calls to $animate will be recorded into $animate.queue and are available within test code to assert animation calls. In addition, $animate.triggerReflow() is now only available when ngAnimateMock is used.

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