Protractor - 0.18.1 is out

Latest Protractor version is out. 0.18.1. Julie Ralph provides guidelines for contributors. See what has changed in this rapidly growing automation testing framework.

Besides the list of changes, if you are a contributor or you think you may become one, there was an interesting discussion about the feature “byButtonText”. link where we briefly discussed protractor’s scope. Lucky for us, Julie Ralph provided some useful guidelines:

 WebDriverJS is a pretty direct implementation of the WebDriver standards. Those are going through the W3C becoming standards now, so they're unlikely to change. So, WebDriverJS won't have a buttonText anytime soon.

 I think it's a useful locator, so the question is then whether to have it in Protractor or in some other helper library. Since this was a small and useful change I accepted it, but I do worry about code bloat if other things start getting added. For example, I'd like to add helpers to deal with select elements, but I think that's complicated enough (and of wide use) that it deserves its own helper repository that Protractor will depend on (and adapt to its own syntax).

 Hope that was vaguely helpful...

This is not the first time I was lucky and Julie spent some time answering some of my annoying questions / guidelines inquires. link


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.

Bug Fixes

  • (a79aa73) fix(cli): specs was being processed as a string, not a list

    Fixes #495


Note: Major version 0 releases are for initial development, and backwards incompatible changes may be introduced at any time.


  • (e3b1e7c) feat(config): add option to exclude specs based on file patterns

    The config now accepts exclude, an array of patterns to exclude.

  • (88a1e58) Feat(clientSideScripts): Add by.buttonText, by.partialButtonText

    Adds client side JS implementations of by.buttonText and by.partialButtonText, enabling element lookup based on innerText.

    Closes #452

  • (8d29c93) feat(config): allow LiveScript configuration files

Bug Fixes

  • (d06d931) fix(timeouts): fix an obscure cause of firefox timeouts

    Fixes #493

  • (de39e50) fix(jasminewd): support multi-argument matchers

    Implement support for multi-argument matchers in promise wrapper.

    Closes #477

  • (11c4210) fix(testForAngular): add a message when page load does not complete in time

  • (6ae6261) refactor(waitForAngular): improve error messages when timeouts occur

  • (5dd93c2) fix(config): allow CoffeeScript 1.7 to be used

    CoffeeScript now requires a register call to be made.

  • (10aec0f) fix(pageload): increase wait timeout

    The 300 ms wait caused problems when testing IE on Sauce Labs. It seems way too short. “browser.get()” invariably timed out. Increasing it solved our problem.

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