Protractor - 0.20.1 is out

Latest Protractor version is out 0.20.0 and 0.20.1. Updated selenium version 2.40.0. Custom Matchers return promises. Cucumber support. Several bug fixes.


Bug Fixes

  • ([17de697]( fix(debug): make new debug work on windows too

    Closes #580



  • (220d793), (6603a7e) chore(webdriver): update selenium version to 2.40.0 and download location

  • (ad5f3aa) feat(jasminewd): allow custom matchers to return promises

    Allow custom jasmine matchers to return a promise which resolves to a boolean and match against the resolution of the promise

  • (41feaca) feat(framework.cucumber): Allow multiple tags on cucumber tests.

    Motivation: Support for multiple tags on the cucumber test execution, to be able to filter with more complex expressions the scenarios to run.

    How to use:

    cucumberOpts: {
       tags: '@dev'


    cucumberOpts: {
       tags: ['@dev', '[email protected]']

    More information on tags:

Bug Fixes

  • (2ca6541) fix(debug): make protractor debug work in the new runner/launcher world

    Closes #552

  • (a68627b) fix(launcher): command line args should be passed as-is to the runner

    This allows users to continue to use optimist (or other process.argv) processing within their tests and grab values from the command line.

    Closes #571.

  • (767c306), (02defe3) fix(jasminewd): include full pre-async-call stack trace in expectation failure message

  • (b6df2cf) fix(configParser): load coffee and typescript for child processes

    Without loading coffee in configParser.js, child processes which try and load a coffeescript config file do not have coffee registered with node’s required, and child tests fail.

    Fixes an issue with using coffeescript config files.

  • (64bee25) fix(locators): add locator with multiple arguments

    When using a custom locator with multiple arguments, only the first argument was used when calling webdriver.findElements.

  • (87b0c7f) fix(debug): display error message when runner fails

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