AngularJS - 1.2.16 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. v1.2.16 badger-enumeration (2014-04-03) has been released. No Breaking changes. Many bug fixes. Stay up to date!

Bug Fixes

  • $animate:
    • ensure the CSS driver properly works with SVG elements (38ea5426, #6030)
    • prevent cancellation timestamp from being too far in the future (35d635cb, #6748)
    • run CSS animations before JS animations to avoid style inheritance (0e5106ec, #6675)
  • $parse: mark constant unary minus expressions as constant (6e420ff2, #6932)
  • Scope:
  • filter.ngdoc: Check if “input” variable is defined (a275d539, #6819)
  • input: don’t perform HTML5 validation on updated model-value (b2363e31, #6796, #6806)
  • ngClass: handle ngClassOdd/Even affecting the same classes (55fe6d63, #5271)


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