Protractor - 0.21.0 is out

Latest Protractor v0.21.0 is out. Define suites, browser.pause, browsers summary. Several bug fixes.


  • (0c4ef69) feat(launcher): launcher outputs a final summary of how the browsers did

  • (f1db8b4) feat(runner): make runner an event emitter and log passes or failures from the launcher

    Now, for runs with multiple capabilities, the launcher will output ‘.’ or ‘F’ for each pass or fail instead of just ‘.’ for every chunk of data. TODO - complete the event emitter API for the Cucumber runner.

  • (f9c4391) feat(cli+config): allow defining multiple test suites in the config and running them separately from the command line.

  • (06bd573) feat(pause): add the browser.pause method to enter a webdriver-specific debugger

    Warning: this is still beta, there may be issues. Usage: In test code, insert a browser.pause() statement. This will stop the test at that point in the webdriver control flow. No need to change the command line you use to start the test. Once paused, you can step forward, pausing before each webdriver command, and interact with the browser. Exit the debugger to continue the tests.

Bug Fixes

  • (43aff83) fix(pageload): Changing how about:blank unload waits Also changing executeScript script comment from // to /**/ format. These two small changes should not affect functionality but make Protractor work with Selendroid.

  • (1334662) fix(locators): Improve custom locators message

    Increase readability of custom locator message by displaying each argument instead of the arguments object.

  • (c9dbbaa) refactor(launcher): skip the child process if only one capability is requested

    Closes #603

  • (26d67a2) fix(launcher): launcher should report a failure when only one capability is running

  • (9530a0c) (fix): Convert to test.js

    This would enable the tests to be run on both Linux and Windows.

  • (6d85ab4) fix(jasminewd): display stack traces in correct order and with WebElement method failure details

  • (8964ac9) fix(test): Fixed path of configuration file to pass on windows

  • (99bda1a) fix(waitForAngular): when timeout overflows, at least pass the negative to error messages

    Closes #622

  • (4fd060a) fix (element): Allow ElementFinder to be passed to actions directly.

    Previously, do to an action such as drag and drop, one would have to use element( Now, just passing element( works. For example:

  • (b2a4ffc) fix(configParser): always return “this” from addFileConfig

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