Thumbtack, iOS Mobile Engineer, San Francisco, CA

Thumbtack is looking to build an amazing mobile experience for hundreds of thousands of users. Both sides of the Thumbtack marketplace (service providers and their clients) will benefit massively from enhanced mobile experiences. Imagine what you might do if you could run your business from your iPhone? If you could hire a service provider at any time day or night with just a few taps? The sky’s the limit.

The frontend team at Thumbtack invests heavily in responsive web design and fast, elegant mobile experiences. We’ve seen this investment pay off incredibly. However, we think we can do better with a fully native experience.

We’re looking for someone with a history of building amazing iOS applications. We’re new to this, so need some guidance. With that said, you’ll be working with great engineering and design teams who will be eager to assist you in making something really exceptional.

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Author: Santiago Esteva, Tags: News , Jobs , comments
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