AngularJS - 1.2.17 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. v1.2.17 - quantum disentanglement (2014-06-06) has been released. No Breaking changes. Many bug fixes. Performance Improvements. Stay up to date!

Bug Fixes

  • $animate:
    • remove the need to add display:block!important for ngShow/ngHide (55b2f0e8, #3813)
    • retain inline styles for property-specific transitions (ad08638c, #7503)
    • ensure class-based animations always perform a DOM operation if skipped (34d07403, #6957)
  • $compile:
    • do not merge attrs that are the same for replace directives (b635903e, #7463)
    • pass transcludeFn down to nested transclude directives (11385060, #7240, #7387)
    • set $isolateScope correctly for sync template directives (5319621a, #6942)
    • reference correct directive name in ctreq error (6bea0591, #7062, #7067)
    • fix regression which affected old jQuery releases (a97a172e)
  • $httpBackend: don’t error when JSONP callback is called with no parameter (a7ccb753, #7031)
  • $location:
  • angular.copy: support circular references in the value being copied (5c997209, #7618)
  • grunt-utils: ensure special inline CSS works when angular is not a global (d4231171, #7176)
  • input:
    • fix ReferenceError in event listener (2d7cb14a)
    • don’t dirty model when input event is triggered due to a placeholder change (109e5d1d, #2614, #5960)
  • jqLite: use jQuery only if jQuery.fn.on is present (fafcd628)
  • limitTo: do not convert Infinity to NaN (fcdac65a, #6771, #7118)
  • ngAnimate: $animate methods should accept native DOM elements (9227a5db)
  • ngClass:
    • support multiple classes in key (85ce5d0d)
    • handle index changes when an item is unshifted (a4cc9e19, #7256)
  • ngLocale: fix i18n code-generation to support get_vf_, decimals_, and get_wt_ (96a31476)
  • ngSanitize: encode surrogate pair properly (3d0b49c0, #5088, #6911)
  • ngSwitch: properly support case labels with different numbers of transclude fns (32aa4915)
  • numberFilter: fix rounding error edge case (0388eed7, #7453, #7478)


Performance Improvements

  • $interpolate: optimize value stringification (9d4fa33e, #7501)
  • scope: 10x. Share the child scope class. (9ab9bf6b)
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