AngularJS - 1.2.18 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. 1.2.18 ear-extendability (2014-06-13) has been released. No Breaking changes. Bug fixes. Performance Improvements. Stay up to date!

Bug Fixes

  • $compile:
    • ensure transclude works at root of templateUrl (fd420c40, #7183, #7772)
    • bound transclusion to correct scope (1382d4e8)
    • don’t pass transcludes to non-transclude templateUrl directives (b9ddef2a)
    • don’t pass transclude to template of non-transclude directive (eafba9e2)
    • fix nested isolated transclude directives (bb931097, #1809, #7499)
    • pass transcludeFn down to nested transclude directives (8df5f325, #7240, #7387)
  • $injector: report circularity in circular dependency error message (14e797c1, #7500)
  • ngResource: don’t convert literal values into Resource objects when isArray is true (f0904cf1, #6314, #7741)

Performance Improvements

  • $compile: move ng-binding class stamping for interpolation into compile phase (81b7e5ab)
  • $http: move xsrf cookie check to after cache check in $http (8b86d363, #7717)
  • isArray: use native Array.isArray (6c14fb1e)
  • jqLite: cache collection length for all methods that work on a single element (6d418ef5)
  • ngBind: set the ng-binding class during compilation instead of linking (1b189027)
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