AngularJS - 1.2.20 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. 1.2.20 accidental-beautification (2014-07-11) has been released. And that happened after 1.2.19 precognitive-flashbacks (2014-06-30) went out but I did not catch it! Oops! Bug fixes. Performance Improvements and small breaking changes on 1.2.19. Stay up to date!

1.2.20 accidental-beautification (2014-07-11)

Bug Fixes

  • $http:
    • don’t remove content-type header if data is set by request transform (7027844d, #7910)
    • add ability to remove default headers (172a4093, #5784)
  • $location: remove query args when passed in object (a26acb64, #6565)
  • input:
  • parseKeyValue: ignore properties in prototype chain (873acf8f, #8070, #8068)


  • ngAnimate: conditionally allow child animations to run in parallel with parent animations (931789ec, #7946)

1.2.19 precognitive-flashbacks (2014-06-30)

Bug Fixes

  • $compile: bind ng-attr-* even if unbound attribute follows ng-attr-* (ed59370d)
  • $http: should not read statusText on IE below v10 when request is aborted (0c80df21)
  • $injector: check if a fn is an array explicitly (67c11b9a, #7904, #2653)
  • $interval: when canceling, use clearInterval from $window instead of global scope. (f780ccfa)
  • $parse:
    • make the window check in ensureSafeObject IE8 friendly (ba62e975)
    • prevent invocation of Function’s bind, call and apply (07fa87a8)
    • forbid proto properties in angular expressions (cb713e60)
    • forbid {define,lookup}{Getter,Setter} properties (89ca8597)
    • forbid referencing Object in angular expressions (bc6fb7cc)
  • injector: allow multiple loading of function modules (d71f16e7, #7255)
  • input:
  • jqLite: change expando property to a more unique name (74e1cc68)
  • numberFilter: correctly round fractions despite floating-point arithmetics issues in JS (e5f454c8, #7870, #7878)
  • testabilityPatch: fix invocations of angular.mock.dump (5e944a1c)

Performance Improvements

  • jqLite: don’t use reflection to access expandoId (a4faa5cd)

Breaking Changes

You can no longer invoke .bind, .call or .apply on a function in angular expressions. This is to disallow changing the behaviour of existing functions in an unforseen fashion.

The (deprecated) proto propery does not work inside angular expressions anymore.

This prevents the use of {define,lookup}{Getter,Setter} inside angular expressions. If you really need them for some reason, please wrap/bind them to make them less dangerous, then make them available through the scope object.

This prevents the use of Object inside angular expressions. If you need Object.keys, make it accessible in the scope.

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