AngularJS - 1.2.20 is out

Latest AngularJS version is out. 1.2.20 accidental-beautification (2014-07-11) has been released. And that happened after 1.2.19 precognitive-flashbacks (2014-06-30) went out but I did not catch it! Oops! Bug fixes. Performance Improvements and small breaking changes on 1.2.19. Stay up to date!

1.2.20 accidental-beautification (2014-07-11)

Bug Fixes

  • $http: - don’t remove content-type header if data is set by request transform (7027844d, #7910) - add ability to remove default headers (172a4093, #5784)
  • $location: remove query args when passed in object (a26acb64, #6565)
  • input: - escape forward slash in email regexp (da0e3c99, #8096) - modify email validation regexp to match rfc1035 (816b8423, #6026)
  • parseKeyValue: ignore properties in prototype chain (873acf8f, #8070, #8068)


  • ngAnimate: conditionally allow child animations to run in parallel with parent animations (931789ec, #7946)

1.2.19 precognitive-flashbacks (2014-06-30)

Bug Fixes

  • $compile: bind ng-attr-* even if unbound attribute follows ng-attr-* (ed59370d)
  • $http: should not read statusText on IE below v10 when request is aborted (0c80df21)
  • $injector: check if a fn is an array explicitly (67c11b9a, #7904, #2653)
  • $interval: when canceling, use clearInterval from $window instead of global scope. (f780ccfa)
  • $parse: - make the window check in ensureSafeObject IE8 friendly (ba62e975) - prevent invocation of Function’s bind, call and apply (07fa87a8) - forbid proto properties in angular expressions (cb713e60) - forbid {define,lookup}{Getter,Setter} properties (89ca8597) - forbid referencing Object in angular expressions (bc6fb7cc)
  • injector: allow multiple loading of function modules (d71f16e7, #7255)
  • input: - improve html5 validation support (ab2e83c8, #7937, #7957) - escape forward slash in email regexp (2a45cea0, #7938)
  • jqLite: change expando property to a more unique name (74e1cc68)
  • numberFilter: correctly round fractions despite floating-point arithmetics issues in JS (e5f454c8, #7870, #7878)
  • testabilityPatch: fix invocations of angular.mock.dump (5e944a1c)

Performance Improvements

  • jqLite: don’t use reflection to access expandoId (a4faa5cd)

Breaking Changes

You can no longer invoke .bind, .call or .apply on a function in angular expressions. This is to disallow changing the behaviour of existing functions in an unforseen fashion. - due to cb713e60,

The (deprecated) proto propery does not work inside angular expressions anymore. - due to 89ca8597,

This prevents the use of {define,lookup}{Getter,Setter} inside angular expressions. If you really need them for some reason, please wrap/bind them to make them less dangerous, then make them available through the scope object. - due to bc6fb7cc,

This prevents the use of Object inside angular expressions. If you need Object.keys, make it accessible in the scope.

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