Protractor - 1.0.0 is out

Latest Protractor v1.0.0 is out. Congratulations!!! Take a look at at the features and bug fixes from last version. Stay up to date!


No changes from rc6.


Dependency Version Upgrades

  • (b6ab644) chore(jasminewd): update to version 1.0.4

    This version contains a fix for too many timeout messages.

Bug Fixes

  • (0c4a70e) fix(protractor) fix stack traces for WebElement errors

    When angular/[email protected] refactored element() into the ElementFinder object, the function lost some of its error handling. This removed references to frames inside tests (it() blocks), making it hard to tell where the error was actually occurring.

    This commit fixes these problems, showing full stack traces for WebElement errors.



  • (51a5e89) feat(config): allow setting the get page timeout globally from the config

    To change the timeout for how long a page is allowed to stall on browser.get, change getPageTimeout: timeout_in_millis in the configuration. As before, you may also change the timeout for one particular get call by using a second parameter: browser.get(url, timeout_in_sec)

Bug Fixes

  • (985ff27) fix(configParser): load new functions from configs

    Closes #1043

Breaking Changes

  • (51a5e89) feat(config): allow setting the get page timeout globally from the config

    This change contains a small breaking change for consistency. Previously, the second parameter to get changed the timeout in seconds. Now, the units are milliseconds. This is consistent with all the other timeouts, as well as base JavaScript functions like setTimeout.

    • before: browser.get(url, 4)
    • after: browser.get(url, 4000)


Bug Fixes

  • (ab1d0be) fix(navigation): fix using browser.get with safari driver

    SafariDriver fails with data urls - see #1049. Reverting to use about:blank for now.



  • (f0e7984) feat(launcher): append capability tag for all output

Bug Fixes

  • (1198dde) fix(navigation): use empty html data urls for page resets instead of about:blank

    Except on internet explorer, which does not allow data urls.

    Closes #1023.


Dependency Version Updates

  • (e10e1a4) chore(minijasminenode): update minijasminenode dependency to v1.1.0

    This adds several options for the reporter, which can be included in protractor’s config.jasmineNodeOpts

    // If true, output nothing to the terminal. Overrides other printing options.
    silent: false,
    // If true, print timestamps for failures
    showTiming: true,
    // Print failures in real time.
    realtimeFailure: false
  • (be0bb00) chore(jasminewd): update jasminewd to v1.0.3

    This fixes extra logging when a timeout occurs.


  • (82c1d47) feat(protractor): add iteration index to ElementArrayFinder.each

  • (62bcf7e) feat(webdriver-manager): minor proxy enhancements

    Added error handling for request - previously, any errors coming from the request module were silently swallowed.

    Fixed error handling to remove empty files when a download fails for some reason.

    Also evaluating both uppercase and lowercase proxy variables. Many tools use proxy variables in the form https_proxy, others use HTTPS_PROXY.

Bug Fixes

  • (dbf7ab5) fix(mocha): mocha globals should be re-wrapped for every new suite

    Closes #523, closes #962


Dependency Version Updates

  • (0dc0421) chore(selenium): version bumps to selenium 2.42.2


  • (6906c93) feat(webdriver-manager): use proxy for webdriver-manager

  • (7d90880) feat(locators): implement by.options

  • (4e1cfe5) feature(launcher): aggregate failures at the end and output message from the launcher

  • (ff3d5eb) feat(locators): add toString() wrapper for this.message

  • (c892c2a) feat(protractor): implement reduce and filter for ElementArrayFinder


  • (8920028) feat(pause): allow the user to specify a port to be used for debugging

    Using browser.pause(portNumber) will now start the debugger on the specified port number.

    Closes #956

Bug Fixes

  • (f9082d0) fix(clientsidescripts): make exactBinding more exact


  • (6641c81) fix(launcher): report summary when specs fail

  • (36e0e0a) fix(protractor): allow exceptions from actions to be catchable


  • (e86eb72) fix(protractor): removing a mock module that was never added now is a noop

    It used to remove the last module - now is a noop.

    Closes #764

  • (bf26f76) fix(locators): findind elements by text should trim whitespace

    WebDriver always trims whitespace from around the text of an element, so to be consistent we should trim the text from button elements before doing a by.buttonText.

    Closes #903, Closes #904.

  • (48798b0) fix(elementexplorer): element.all hangs in interactive mode

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