AngularJS - 1.2.22 is out

Latest stable AngularJS version is out. 1.2.21 wizard-props (2014-07-25) and 1.2.22 finicky-pleasure (2014-08-12) have been released. Stay up to date!

1.2.22 finicky-pleasure (2014-08-12)

Bug Fixes

  • $compile: make ‘=’-bindings NaN-aware (0b0acb03, #8553, #8554)
  • $parse: correctly assign expressions who’s path is undefined and that use brackets notation (60366c8d, #8039)
  • jqLite: allow triggerHandler() to accept custom event (d262378b, #8469, #8505)
  • ngSanitize: ensure html is a string in htmlParser() (9ee07551, #8417, #8416)
  • select:
    • ensure that at least one option has the selected attribute set (79538afd, #8366, #8429)
    • do not update selected property of an option element on digest with no change event (c2860944, #8221, #7715)


1.2.21 wizard-props (2014-07-25)

Bug Fixes

Performance Improvements

  • $compile: only create jqLite object when necessary (71eb1901)
  • $parse: don’t use reflective calls in generated functions (cbdf0c2a)
  • forEach: use native for loop instead of forEach for Arrays (492b0cdf)
  • jqLite: expose the low-level calls (3c46c943)
  • ngBindHtml: move addClass to the compile phase (8eede099, #8261)
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