Protractor - 1.2.0 is out

Latest Protractor v1.2.0 is out. WOW!! Take a look at at the features and bug fixes from last version. Stay up to date!


  • (830f511) feat(protractor): allow file:// baseUrls

    Modified protractor to support testing node-webkit by using string concatenation vs url.resolve() when the baseUrl begins with file://

    Closes #1266.

  • (71b9c97) feat(cucumber): process the Cucumber ‘coffee’ param

Bug Fixes

  • (ade9a92) fix(webdriver-manager): always use https for downloading webdriver binaries

    This fixes issues with unzipping - see #1259

  • (9a8f45a) fix(locators): locators should use the root element provided in config

    Previously, locators used ‘document’ as the root for their search. After this change, they will use the root element provided in the config file - config.rootElement. This will make sure behavior is correct if there are multiple angular apps on one page, and also enables the getTestability path, because that requires a root element under an ng-app.


This is a minor release with no functional changes. It contains a couple implementation switches that new versions of Angular will use.



  • (316961c) feat(runner/hosted): add support for promises for seleniumAddress and capabilities

    Change driverProviders/hosted to resolve promise values in configuration to allow async jobs in setup. Specifically, seleniumAddress, capabilities, and multiCapabilities may be promises. Primarily, this would be for a network call to acquire a selenium host or to start a proxy server.

  • (953faf7) feat(runner): allow onPrepare functions to return a promise

    If onPrepare is a function which returns a promise (or a file which exports a promise), the test runner will now wait for that promise to be fulfilled before starting tests.

  • (6de2e32) feat(runner): Add support for async onCleanUp functions

    If the onCleanUp function returns a promise, the process will allow it to resolve before exiting. This is useful for performing async operations like writing to a file or calling an API at the end of a test run.

  • (cd575ee) feat(sauce provider): allow for custom server addresses when running against SauceLabs.

    Use config.sauceSeleniumAddress to connect to a custom URL for Sauce Labs.

  • (1b16c26) feat(suites): allow more than one suite from the command line

    Allow a comma-separated list of suites be provided on the command line, like --suite=suite1,suite2

  • (25cf88c) feat(ElementArrayFinder): keep a reference to the original locator

Bug Fixes

  • (d15d35a) fix issue where ElementFinder.then does not return a promise


  • (9e36584) fix(webdriver-manager): removed ssl on chromedriver url for consistency

    Other URLs use http, make chromedriver use this as well.

  • (0da1e0c) fix(protractor): add dummy isPending function


  • (9814af1) fix issue where color formatting text is leaking


  • (8f1b447) fix(launcher): fix issue where test passes on unexpected failures

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