AngularJS - ng-europe 2014

Ng-Europe took place a two weeks ago. Just one word: Amazing! Lots of exciting news and previews. Videos and Slides have been posted. Check it out here @ng-learn


You can watch all videos in one place: link


Day 1 Opening Keynote

  • Igor Minar and Brad Green
  • Slides: link

AngularJS 1.3

  • Jeff Cross and Brian Ford
  • Slides: link

Ionic Framework

  • Andrew Joslin
  • Slides: oops

AngularDart under the hood

  • Victor Berchet
  • Slides: link

Can We Learn from Architects?

  • Vojta Jína
  • Slides - Slides: link

Using AngularJS and Phonegap to build hybrid mobile applications

  • Julien Bouquillon
  • Slides: link

Introducing Angular Material

  • Thomas Burleson & Max Lynch
  • Slides: link

Documentation generation on steroids

  • Pete Bacon Darwin
  • Slides: link

Protractor and the Testability API

  • Julie Ralph & Chirayu Krishnappa
  • Slides: link

The New Router in AngularJS

  • Rob Eisenberg
  • Slides: link


  • Pawel Kozlowski
  • Slides: link

Angular from scratch

  • Matthieu Lux
  • Slides: ooops

Responsive Takes Flight: Building The First Responsive Airline Website.

  • Oliver Dore
  • Slides: link

Day 2 Keynote

  • Miško Hevery
  • Slides: link

Angular 2.0 Core

  • Igor Minar, Tobias Bosch
  • Slides: link

Famous Angular

  • Zack Brown
  • Slides: link

Yet another way to animate in Angular

  • Douglas Duteuil
  • Slides: link

Restangular 2.0: The future and beyond

  • Martin Gontovnikas
  • Slides: link

ES6 Traceur

  • Erik Arvidsson
  • Slides: link

Animations (sequencer, web animations)

  • Matias Niemelä
  • Slides: ooops

Be a Real Time Cage Dragon with AngularJS and Firebase

  • Lukas Ruebbelke
  • Slides: link

“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow” - AngularJS and Web Components

  • Carmen Popoviciu & Pascal Precht
  • Slides: link

AngularJS Accessibility

  • Marcy Sutton
  • Slides: link

Software Patterns and Design with AngularJS

  • Jeremy Elbourn
  • Slides: link

The Power of $q

  • Dave Smith
  • Slides: link

Making your Angular app a maximum security prision

  • Matias Woloski & Martin Gontovnikas
  • Slides: link
  • Github from the sample: link

Building games with AngularJS

  • Ari Lerner
  • Slides: ooops


  • Brian Ford
  • Slides: link

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