TXJS 2015 - A lesson to Educational Systems

Had you entered the theatre at almost any point through out the day, you would have found a hysterically laughing audience. A speaker hopes to be quoted and remembered based on their knowledge and professionalism. Without any doubt all these speakers had that in common. But these were not common speakers. They were funny and creative.

In summary, TXJS was educational, informative and funny! Acquiring knowledge takes time and effort. Everybody is capable of doing it. But sharing knowledge and making it stick on somebody’s mind it is a skill not easy to learn. All teachers and professors should take the txjs-2015 test.

If you missed it, don’t worry! Here is the video on all sessions. We will be adding the references to the slides as we get them from the speakers.


Note: The conference starts at minute 38.

The Scary Stuff

Simon Swain

  • @simon_swain
  • Slides:
  • Extras: simulation is here

Yan Zhu

Jed Schmidt

  • @jedschmidt
  • Slides: here

UX and Performance

Michele Bu

  • @hazelcough
  • Slides:

Andy Davies

Alice Bartlett

  • @alicebartlett
  • Slides:
  • Extras: blog

Framework Unshootout

Brian Ford

Tom Dale

  • @tomdale
  • Slides:
  • Extras: blog

Pete Hunt

  • @floydophone
  • Slides:

The Once and Future Web

Rushaine McBean

  • @copasetickid
  • Slides:

Mat Marquis

  • @wilto
  • Slides:

Jake Archibald ‏

  • @jaffathecake
  • Slides: Sort-of extended version here
  • Extras: blog

Expand Your Mind

Jenna Zeigen

  • @zeigenvector
  • Slides: here

David Nolen

  • @swannodette
  • Slides:
  • Extras:blog

Jenn Schiffer

  • @jennschiffer
  • Slides:

Stay tuned! We will be updating the post as we get more slides urls. Were you there? Did you see the video/ What was your favorite talk?

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