First Look at Angular2

Better? Worst? More simple? complex? Lets look at a first application created with a first draft version of Angular2 + Firebase and its change detection.

Im not going to post any opinion. It is too early in the game. NG-CONF is around the block and it IS going to be Angular2 centric.

Todo MVC + 40 mins round of questions

With ng-conf right around the corner it’s time to catch a glimpse of Angular2.

Angular Core Contributor David East will give an overview of what’s new in Angular and live code a Todo app with Angular2 and Firebase.  

Get a taste of Angular2 before its alpha release!

Speaker: David East (Angular Core Contributor), @_davideast

Slides from this talk can be found here

The Todo MVC Angular2 Repo is here

Change Detection in AngularJS 2

Victor Savkin - from the angular team - writes about its change detection system. You can find his article here


The team said ‘We are doing this work on Angular2 because we know Angular 1.x is going to become obsolete and we want to be ready for that’


Angular1 app running inside an Angular2 app? Other way around? ‘So far, it is in our minds’ (Igor’s words)

What do you think about it?

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