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We’re happy to announce that we decided to open ng-learn to external contributors. Have a best practice to share? a nice trick using front end technologies? any experience? a tutorial? You can now reach to thousands of fellow developers, get yourself known and contribute back to the community.

When we started ng-learn two years ago, AngularJS was just starting to become popular. Today the landscape is different but one thing remains constant, front end development is exciting and it’s in a state of constant evolution. The web is becoming the platform of the future reaching performance levels in mobile similar to native apps, still a long way to go though.

How can I submit my article? Very simple, fork the repository (https://github.com/ng-learn-org/ng-learn-org.github.io) and submit a pull-request with your article. We will take it from there and very quickly your article will be available to the masses.

Looking forward to read YOUR article.

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